Hailing from Japan and well travelled || Takumi is a crossfitt coach and professional chef || His passion is to see people's smile with both his food and coaching || His philosophy for life is "simple is best "and "hard work pays off." 

Keep on rocking it Tak - "You are awesome."

Kim Purdy 

Kim has healthy addictions to coffee, handstands, CrossFit and pretty much all four legged creatures || This lady is crushing life || She's a full time pharmacist || Part time L2 CrossFit coach and manages to train 5 days per week || Kim is a humble badass who encourages others to improve while inspiring those around her as she quietly leads by example || Kim finished the 2020 CrossFit Open in 16th place worldwide, 3rd in Canada || Kim was a podium finisher at Wodapalozza, Cascade Classic and Canwest Games in 2019!

Stay true to the hustle Kim - "You're absolutely killing it."

Fiona Groves

Fit by Fiona ||

Hitting us from the land down under || Fiona Groves is a certified personal trainer and eating psychology coach || Specializing in Mind-body nutrition || Mind-body fitness and body positivity || Fiona empowers clients all over the world to become the best versions of themselves through her dynamic coaching approaches that go far deeper than just what we eat and how we exercise.

Keep crushing gurl - "Getting it done."



Sarah Freeman

Sarah Freeman has been running a local swim squad in Canmore, Alberta at Elevation Place called "Fearless Warrior Swim Squad" for several years now || Fearless Warrior Swim Squad has been so successful and runs 5-6 times a week with keen adult swimmers, open-water swimmers, and triathletes || Sarah is certified as an NCCP swim coach and a trained NCCP triathlon coach with over 12 years of coaching experience || Along with her coaching she is a competitive open water swimmer in long distance events || Her big goal this year is Skaha Ultra Swim - 11.8k of swimming!

She will always dare you to dream big, and not only dream big but to put into action with full heart.
Gratitude, your bold & fearless coach, Sarah  -"Keep on kicking some serious ass."