About Us

RAVEN is the true vision of company founders || Moss and Shane || RAVEN-was established to channel good vibes through lifestyle choices || Breaking the boundaries of traditional lifestyle apparel || We exist to make every product an experience || With our day to day antics at RAVEN we are constantly tweaking our brands services to create a more fun way for you to Enjoi your lifestyle in and around the box || Everyday we are faced with challenges || That is where we must RISE ABOVE face them and overcome them.

Recognizing the box plays a hugely important part in whatever lifestyle you choose to live || By not only feeling better || Looking better physically but mentally as well || Visionaries in what plays outside the box is the key to happiness || As board enthusiasts ourselves we know how good it feels to be able to do what you do and enjoi it to the fullest (you know the little things that get us stoked to be alive)
All this stemming from our committed daily grind and choice to keep fit. This is the reason we have created a Street Style Athleisure brand to take you from the Box || Beach || Street and Beyond || So what are you waiting for.                         YOUR ALIVE GO LIVE IT!!

Welcome to RAVEN
WE are stoked you stopped by.