Top 5 Maui Hat Brands

Top 5 Maui Hat Brands

TOP 5 Maui Hat Brands


Top 5 Maui Hat Brands, today we reivew the top 5 hat Brands here on Maui, Hawaii USA. If You feel the Aina, the Mana, the Aloha, The Mahalo, then you know the power of MAUI and the power of the people who live here. Sit Back relax and enjoy the ride~

If you are looking to support local brands that are supporting the island, it’s people and economy, then please take your time to review and vibe with these brands. These brands and the people behind them are leading the way in style and a fresh on island look, so please support these local vibes! If you are new to the Island and looking for the freshest gear or you are local as the volcanic rock then take a second to review and support!



These guys are new to the game but boy oh boy are they keeping it FTD ( Fresh To Death) They are bringing the street game to the work out game to the beach game, and doing it very well. Their content is so on point and this team is next level when it comes to Athleisure Wear!












4. Boobie Shack

Boobie Shack was literally built on the water and inspired by the exchange of energy between the waves and the surfer as our founder Ina spotted a flock of Boobies through the shack of a wave while surfing at our home base in Maui. The first friends Boobie Shack made were sharing waves with Ina, our founder, on the shores of Maui.



 3. Alpha Maui 808

This energy is what prompted the creation of Alpha Maui. Alpha “The Beginning” represents this new chapter of our lives for which we are eternally grateful. We incorporate our adventures and experiences into our clothing line reminding all of our customers and friends to take it back to the beginning!





2. Double Portion Supply http://www.doubleportionsuppl

If You don’t Know Arron well then you are missing out just a little bit in this thing called life. The real deal holly field all wrapped into this amazing hustler! Came to this amazing Island 20 years back and begain building this empire. His hustle is New York meets Maui, he is on point with price, delivery and style we were super pumped to meet this BOSS> 



1.The O.G’s Maui Built

Founded 1995 by legendary Maui surfer/shaper Louie Martin, Maui Built is the only brand to come out of Maui with authentic history and roots. 

"I wanted to create a brand that my friends and the people of Maui and Hawaii could relate to and enjoy. The focus since day one has been to build killer products that locals could represent and share the culture"  With no online sales and no wholesale, Maui Built’s small-batch production and exclusive, only on Maui distribution through Maui Tropix Surf Co. has made Maui Built a much sought after and must have brand, the local favorite and part of the Maui experience.