RAVEN 425 The Why Behind The Brand

RAVEN 425 The Why Behind The Brand

RAVEN 425 The Why Behind The Brand

Raven 425 The Why Behind The Brand

So a lot of people have asked us about what the reason was or the reason that we started this project, this brand, this vision.

Well, let’s start with an introduction of the we (who we are) (who RAVEN 425 is). http://www.raven425.com

Hello From Shane and Max 2 serial entrepreneurs that have been hard at it for many years making their dreams come true. Influenced by some of the great brands out there from;

Skate and surf-wear to hip hop and street wear, they both have used all those inspirations to inject into their style of workout athleisure wear that is ‘FLY’ (or for the normal reader ‘cool enough’) to wear to work out in, hit the beach or skate park in, and as well cool enough to hit the markets or a lunch date in.

So hence this was the start, the very first ignition for the Raven 425 vision, but at that point it had not yet ignited!

How did you guys come up with this?

Shane and Max had been working out at the same cross-fit gym for many years and they would constantly complain about the lack of style, colour and as well vibe behind all the work out gear they wore. So one of the many thing these two bad ass bro’s have in common is a love for the tropical Lifestyle. 

The beach, the sun, the sand, the water, and the beautiful people who represent that mindset and lifestyle. So as it was they both went away on separate island get aways during the cold Canadian winter months in 2019 and on their returns they sat down one day to chat. Max had mentioned how he would hit the cross-fit gym at sunrise but after that would have to head home to change into his beach wear, which he thought was a pain in the butt. As well he mentioned that if he wanted to or had a meeting at a restaurant or coffee shop he would then again feel as if he needed to change into something a little more casual.

Shane mentioned the same deal and went on to mention the lack of colour and lifestyle vibe most of the clothes they wore had. He felt it was missing a certain pride that most surf or skate companies brought to their respected brands.  It was in that moment that the two new they were onto something… something like cross-fit meets the 90’s fluorescent vibe!