RAVEN 425 Our Mission Heading into 2022

RAVEN 425 Our Mission Heading into 2022

It's been a wild run for the squad here at Raven 425 ~ Part 1

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This is a quick overview of What We have been up to the last 18 months:

As things changed in 2020 into 2021 for all of us, we decided, and we were somewhat forced by the rules applied to change the way we had our Brand, our Apparel, available to the public....

So we had our gear in a bunch of Cross-fit Gyms, we were doing pop up events, we were hosting events, and showing up at Cross-fit gyms to sell products. We also had our online store, which at that time we were not really putting much into as it was just recently brand new and we had at that point as previously stated many other outlets for people to see what we had and to purchase our items.

After trying to figure out what we were going to do next, our main focus became showing up every single day, let us repeat that, every single day to all our online social media platforms, to grow our community and to help our community. This included growing our skill set, it included trying many new ideas out, it included making better and stronger content, contests, parties, podcasts, collaborations, sponsored athletes, as well as finding outside the box ways to do business!

It was not at all about how to sell this community anything, it was truly about cultivating this community it was about bringing value, it was about just showing up every single day~ So for about 10 months that is all that we did until we figured out our next move....

Part 2 coming soon